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Social Media

Social media planning, management and monitoring have become necessary to strategically grow and maintain your brand and it’s reputation, both on and offline.

As an increasingly vocal audience is defining brands in real time, management of your brand requires greater transparency, access and response than ever before to connect with consumers in the social space. We live in a world where brands can’t simply push messages anymore. Brands must do. They must engage with their customers (and across every platform, channel and device) – and be part of the conversation. Social media has a large role to play where actions speak louder than advertising.

We identify the platforms that make sense for your brand, then engage your target audience with enthusiasm, empathy and energy. As early adopters in the social media space, Symfonic understands the multi-dimensional world of social media and can assess and manage your social media outreach efforts, resulting in positive brand outreach and awareness.


Generosity Marketing

Symfonic Marketing is helping companies put the meaning back into business. Creating a place that has an identity and a shared sense of purpose is no longer a moral imperative but rather a strategy for growth. ROI and profit are not goals; they are products of doing business right.

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